Dear members and friends of First United Church,

Last night the Church Council voted to make masking optional for Sunday services, Sunday Bible study, and other small group meetings, but we will continue requiring masks for the nursery and Children’s Learning Time (CLT). This change is effective immediately.

Two years after the beginning of the pandemic, we are pleased to be making this change and expect that all members and friends of First United will be respectful of those who choose to continue wearing masks, as is their prerogative. Additionally, we ask that, as we move into this new phase, everyone maintain adequate socially distancing for those who still need that level of safety.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this unknown terrain together. And, a special thank you to all who took a few moments to share your preferences via the brief survey sent out this past Monday.

Please be in touch with me or other members of the Council with any questions regarding this change in our policy.

With love,

Rebecca Keith, President  

(812) 325-0145