Based on the latest Monroe County data and weighing the impact in our local community, all church activities, including worship, will be offered online only. We hope to return to in-person activities on Sunday, February 6

Are We Right for You?

Our congregation is incredibly diverse.

Our pews are filled with people who grew up Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Quaker, Catholic, unchurched, atheist, and more. Some individuals have never considered attending a church before coming to First United. Others find us after being wounded by, growing out of or moving away from other faith experiences. On any given week, you’ll find people here who have never been anything but Christian and people who aren’t even sure they are comfortable calling themselves Christians.

First United Church may be right for you if, as a person of faith, you feel that:

… the Bible should be taken seriously, but not literally.

… God is still speaking, both through Scripture and in our daily lives.

… God’s grace is available to all people.

… no creed or religion can contain the whole truth of God.

… loving God and loving our neighbors can keep us focused on what really matters.

… the life of Jesus Christ is both a challenge and an invitation.

First United Church may be right for you even if organized religion makes you feel uncomfortable but you:

… are interested in exploring your spirituality with other seekers in a Christian context.

… have lots of questions about Christianity (or perhaps have children who are starting to ask questions)! We don’t have all the answers, but we welcome questions and are honored to walk alongside you and your family as you look for answers.

… are longing for a place where you can experience the acceptance of God through the acceptance of others.

Whether you have been to church every Sunday of your life or have never been once, whether you want to start at the beginning or you’re looking to go to the next level, whether you enter with hesitation or with joy, First United Church is a place where you are welcome.

Meet some of our members and friends and learn why they’re a part of First United Church.