Building Use

Hospitality – One of Our Core Values

It would be a shame if our beautiful and spacious building were sitting empty during the week. We are pleased to be able to offer our facilities for community events and local nonprofits that need space.

In any given week, you’ll see many groups coming and going on our property: Head Start families, twelve-step groups, the Quarryland Men’s Choir, Kuksundo Club, Area 10 Agency on Aging Food Pantry volunteers, and many more. In the course of the year, over three dozen not-for-profit groups utilize our spaces.

We are often able to work with nonprofits to make sure they can afford to have their events here. Typically, nonprofit agencies are not charged a building use fee. Cleaning fees, when applicable, start at $75.

A Commitment to the Arts

We have long played host to many musical ensembles and student recitals in our sanctuary. Our space is known for its excellent live acoustics, and musicians are welcome to use our piano or organ (or bring in their own instruments, of course). Fees for building use begin at $125 with a cleaning cost of $75 when applicable. We recommend that you contact our office manager as soon as possible to see if our space is available for your event. You can see the schedule of upcoming recitals and concerts on our calendar.

An Overview of Our Facilities

Our building is accessible to people with disabilities. Parking is readily available in our shared parking lots near the IU Credit Union and IU Health Urgent Care Bloomington. We have wireless internet throughout the building. (Ask our office manager for the password.)

Fellowship Hall

A large space with tile floor, high ceilings, lots of natural light, and the ability to set up folding tables for dining/conversation (for as many as 125 people) or auditorium-style with rows of chairs. There is a large adjoining kitchen and direct access to our playground behind the church. You are welcome to bring your own sound equipment for this space.

Roger Williams Hall

A relaxed, parlor-type setting with couches and comfy chairs. This room also has a small attached kitchen. If you’d like to set up tables for dining, this room can accommodate about thirty people. It’s a lovely space for coffee, tea, book clubs, and small gatherings for conversation.


We have a classroom that is easily able to accommodate adults in tables and chairs for meetings. We have several other classrooms that are set up for children’s use.


Our chapel is small and intimate with row seating. It seats up to 50 people.


Our sanctuary can seat up to 350. It is equipped with a state of the art sound system and there are two mobile, large screens available for image display. We can provide a sound technician for additional costs.

Please contact our office manager to ask questions or reserve a space.