Based on the latest Monroe County data and weighing the impact in our local community, all church activities, including worship, will be offered online only. We hope to return to in-person activities on Sunday, February 6

Happy Monday, First United!! I hope that you all had a chance to hear the bell choir ring on Sunday. The people that offer the gift of music through regular participation in our ensembles here are truly remarkable.

When I first started working in sacred music, I found handbells entirely uninteresting and silly. Little did I know that I would end up ringing and directing several handbell ensembles over the past ten years. While I still consider myself a handbell amateur, I have grown to love handbells, and their unique quirks. Playing handbells not only requires confidence in your own part, but also an awareness and sensitivity to the greater ensemble and team. It’s a rush and a joy to ring in service to God and First United.

I hope this may inspire you to consider trying something new this week. You never know what you might be missing!

Sam GraceMusic Director –