I am already looking forward to our second Vesper Service this weekend.  The response to our first offering was very positive, and I trust the weather will cooperate again.  The opportunity to be with each other, actually “with” each other, in person, masked, and at a distance, has become so precious after this long period of forced isolation.

I introduced a song last week, new to most of you, that was sung in Sunday School when I was growing up in St. Paul.  The words are simple, the theology sound, the tune catchy, and this has helped shape the way I intend to live my life.

Cheer up, saints of God, there’s nothing to worry about,

nothing to make your feel afraid, nothing to make you doubt.

Remember Jesus Christ is Lord, so why not sing it and shout.

You’ll be sorry that you didn’t tomorrow morning.

Some people may assume this is a naïve approach to life, simplistic and out of touch with reality.  The world is a dangerous, scary, and challenging place.  This sounds Pollyanna-ish, head-in-the-sand-ish. 

The earliest Christian creed was “Jesus is Lord.”  That creed was sufficient to encourage a beleaguered community of disciples.  That creed has sustained me through my life as well.

Spoiler Alert:  There will be another new song next Sunday night, one I borrowed from a congregation in Coleraine, North Ireland.  I believe it is a “keeper” as well. 

Be a blessing to those about you this week.  Be attentive to what God may have in mind for you.  Live with joy.  Peace, John Krueger