Last week was the first day of school in my household (new to high school too!) as well as the beginning of going back into the office on a hybrid basis. A lot of transitions to say the least.

I started off the week with lunches prepared, schedules and materials organized, and with every intent of nailing it. We got through it but it was hard. All that preparation was helpful but that’s not what made it a success. It was later, on Saturday morning while drinking coffee on my porch,  that I realized how I should face these transitions. I listened to birds.

I never thought I would be a bird lover. But I’m sure my mother knew it, because I’ve followed in her footsteps in many surprising ways. She died 10 years ago this week, and it’s this year that her bird wisdom—among other wisdoms—is really starting to gel for me.

I’m learning to recognize the hummingbirds more easily and now I can distinguish many other birds. Just a few weeks ago I attempted to replicate the call of the pileated woodpecker in my yard to the Summer Series group at church!   Listening to birds and resting my brain will now be items on my preparation list.

Rebecca Keith, President of the Congregation