Monday Musings February 22, 2021    
Megan and my favorite season is winter. Yes, you read that correctly! We love bundling up, facing those subzero temperatures, and going for walks. Snowy weather can be quite peaceful. When it’s snowy and bitterly cold, the noise of the world tends to soften. If you walk outside, often the only think you can hear is the soft crunch of snow underneath your feet. To us, it is a magical experience.
This week was a powerful reminder to much of this country of winter’s harsh and dangerous power. 2/3 of the continental US was covered in snow. Approximately 70 people died. 20 US states suffered over $18 billion in damages.  

The frequency of our world’s harsh weather events is directly related to humans. As we steward the world God has given us, what are we doing to protect it or slow the progress of climate change? As Rev. Jessica said yesterday morning: “Our ministry is to repair the earth.” This month, the Indiana Senate passed a bill deregulating Indiana’s federally protected wetlands, an important source of groundwater and natural habitat for wildlife (thanks, Senator Yoder, for bringing this to my attention). A great way to help is to get involved locally, and I am grateful for people like Shelli and Rev. Jessica who call and encourage me to stay engaged and actively involved when policy threatens to further harm our community.  

Blessings and peace to you in the week ahead.  
Samuel Grace Pronouns: he/him/his Music Director, First United Church