I don’t know about all of you, but Derek’s sermon really spoke to me on Sunday. In the Christian faith, we often hear a lot about the unique gifts God instills within our lives in service to others. In Derek’s words: “God calls us differently as ministers,” and that really got me thinking: what am I called to do?

Well duh, Sam. You’re the Music Director (Minister). You already have a calling. Yes, you’re right! Music is a calling in my life, and I am blessed each week to aid in leading inspiring worship at First United. That said, I couldn’t help but try to dig deeper.

Long story short: What I ultimately landed on is that I feel called to minister by actively listening and learning from others. That might sound trivial, but I find there is great power in leading by listening. I do it every time I work with a music ensemble. Likewise, learning informs the musical choices I make, which has an additional impact on the world as a whole.

Were you moved to reflect on the ways God calls you to be a minister? Feel free to share them with me: samuelcgrace@gmail.com. Have a wonderful week!

Samuel Grace

Pronouns: he/him/his

Music Director, First United Church