Monday Musing Today, my muse has me pondering spring. Midwesterners love to talk about the weather—it’s in our DNA.
Spring has traditionally been my least favorite season: a slushy mess, gray skies, and rapidly fluctuating temperatures and conditions. The drama!!! During my time in Bloomington, Spring has become one of my favorite seasons. Sure—we get plenty of rain, but how about the flowers? The daffodils in March bring color to the leftover gloom. Tulips aren’t far behind. IU starts planting red and white pansies everywhere, and the magnolia trees bloom alongside dogwoods, crabapples, and redbuds. I’m colorblind, and the colors are so vibrant I can’t help but smile when I step outside.
Late into the spring, the irises bloom. Have you noticed that they just bloomed about a week ago and are still vibrant? There is a huge patch on South Rogers by Switchyard Park. I’ve loved these flowers every year since I’ve moved here. They are a deep purple and purple/white combo.
Why am I talking about flowers? I don’t know! That’s what my muse has been thinking about. You saw the column title, right? Today, I’m really appreciating Irises. They really brighten my day.
What have you been appreciating lately?
Sam Grace Music Director