What a glorious Easter!

So much of the day was wonderful. Waking up to a sunny day always has a happiness effect, but that wasn’t the best part.  My choir mate and friend Sara Cole and I carpool to church most Sundays and it’s so fun to see what our conversation will be. We talk about life, love, politics, religion, and everything in between – I’m grateful for our time together.  After we arrived and had our choir practice for the adults and the children, the service started and I settled into the worship time.

There were so many friends in the congregation! I know it’s hard to come to church sometimes but seeing your warm and wonderful faces made my day. The readings yesterday were some of my favorite of the liturgical year and they led beautifully into Jessica’s sermon. It’s was great to have her back and I felt inspired with her joyful and though-provoking message as usual. 

The best, best part of Easter yesterday was seeing your beautiful children singing!  It’s my greatest honor to lead the children’s chorus and I have my children’s chorus director in my childhood, Mary Elizabeth Lowery (“Mary Lib”), to thank for it.  Growing up we went to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. But that Wednesday night was my favorite because that was our time with Mary Lib. She could play anything on the piano (kind of like the amazing Sam Troxal) and showed love to us children boldly through music and movement and prayer.  I’m sure she’s the one who first taught me “Every Morning is Easter Morning,” a favorite past children’s song.  Each Wednesday night, we practiced our music and I gained some core philosophies:

1. Everyone is welcome in choir, from the littlest on up.

2. When you make a mistake, make it a good one.

3. Make a joyful noise!

Mary Lib died back in the 90s in Birmingham one Easter weekend. I think of her each year around this time as I hum my favorite tunes leaving the service. Thank you, church family, for allowing me to serve First United Church and the loving souls in it!

Rebecca Keith, President

(812) 325-0145