Dear First United Friends:

 We are going to try a Virtual Worship Service for First United Church this Sunday! On March 22, 2020 at 10:30 am, our normal worship time, you may participate via one of these three ways:

  1. Click on this link from your laptop or desktop computer:  If you are using this technology for the first time, you may be prompted to complete a free download. If you have used Zoom previously,  select “computer audio” if you have speakers, and you will be ready to go.  With this method, you’ll be able to see and hear people, as well as see the bulletin we’ll put on the screen. The video feature can be turned off if you prefer not to use it.   
  2. Install the Zoom App on your smart phone (free on iOS and Android), and then open the app.  When prompted, enter the meeting ID, 830 547 5285, or from the phone just click on and the app will open automatically.  When prompted, select “computer audio” and you’ll be ready to go.  Also with this method, you’ll be able to see and hear people and see the bulletin on the screen. You do not have to use the video camera feature.
  3. If you need to use a landline telephone or cell phone for audio only participation, just dial  either (253) 215- 8782 or (301)715- 8592. (In rare cases, long distance charges may apply. Be sure to check your phone plan, especially if using a landline telephone). When prompted, enter the meeting ID:  830 547 5285# (remember to add “#” at the end.) You’ll be able to hear everything in the Virtual Worship.

With each of these methods, once you are in the “virtual” meeting room, you can use “chat” feature to submit your prayers requests (if using a computer) or simply speak your prayers and responses. Children are invited to participate in the children’s time. During the service, Rebecca Keith will be monitoring and helping to answer questions.  To be ready to go at 10:30, you are invited to log in at 10:15 am and get used to it!   Also, if you are interested in testing with Rebecca, let her know.

This system is new, wonky, and experimental for our congregation – but we will have fun learning and trying it out. It provides an alternative way for us to gather for worship until we can be with each other in person. Please join us this Sunday!

And mark your calendar to participate in another Virtual Worship service — Lenten Vespers on Wednesday, March 25 at 7pm.  A link will be sent soon.