I am not an easy flyer. But don’t talk to me about statistics related to flying being so much safer as a means of transportation; my phobia is illogical and I stick with that.

But this past weekend I missed worship and several days of work because I flew to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for some family events. So, I steeled my courage and did what I needed to do to be there. 

One of my many coping mechanisms while on a plane is listening to a book. This time I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert‘s “Big Magic.” This book is a memoir about finding and being present to the creativity that one can find at any age and any life circumstance. I love her voice and I found the book really soothing(the author read it). Particularly comforting was the section about fear. Fear is one thing that keeps us from trying out new creative outlets… writing a book, painting, performing. Gilbert encourages me not to hide from or ignore fear but to welcome her along. Fear is natural and that feeling protects us. So, I welcomed fear on those four legs 30,000 feet up. I personified her. She sat on my lap while I held Jim’s hand.

After we finally finished the last landing of the trip, I thanked God and felt triumphant! Funny thing of course is that it has little to do with me. It’s more how I’m interacting with these feelings of fear and faith.

Fear: our next trip is in November. See you there.
Rebecca Keith, Church President rekeith@iu.edu; 812-325-0145 (Cell)