Welcome to November, First United friends!

As we begin another month and celebrate one year of ministry together (I remind you, our ministry together started on November 2, 2020!), I invite you to once again take a few moments to consider another video that invites us to promote racial justice and uproot white supremacy. As I continue to honor my commitment to share with you the engaging, challenging videos I have been viewing throughout the course of my exploration with the Anti-Racism Task Force of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference UCC that you might join me on this journey of dismantling racism both within ourselves, our institutions, and our broader society, I offer installment number four: White People Have a Very Very Serious Problem – Toni Morrison on Charlie Rose – YouTube, a segment from a 1993 conversation between Toni Morrison and Charlie Rose that continues to speak to us today.

After you have viewed the video and taken some time to process, I invite you to email me to share some of your takeaways. How do Ms. Morrison’s comments strike you? What do you see as the problem faced by those who have been socialized as “white” in this country? What thoughts, resistance, questions, curiosities arise for you? How are you being invited, challenged, inspired to act?

It is my hope that through engaging in this virtual exploration together we may be further encouraged and empowered to join with partners in our community to dismantle white-skinned supremacy and racism in the church and US society and build up a just, equitable, beloved community where all are treated with dignity and respect.

Let the dismantling/building continue!


Rev. Jessica Petersen-Mutai, Senior Minister

Email: revpetersenmutai@firstuc.org

Mobile: 812-727-4414