There’s a level of optimism in the air that I haven’t sensed in quite some time. Just yesterday, I found myself in our virtual coffee hour joyfully discussing peaches, peak strawberries, and a shared love for chocolate. The Brood X cicadas, everyone’s favorite 2021 nuisance (or welcome guest), provided an interesting conversation about their role in culinary cuisine. Has anyone been brave enough to try them yet?

The pandemic continues to govern our lives, but I can’t help but feel a certain level of hope and joy as we look to the future. Our privileged access in the United States to several vaccines has paved the way for a gradual re-emergence in our daily lives. As First United takes its first step toward hybrid worship in June (or whenever it is safest for you to reemerge in the world), I hope you will share joy in the seemingly small things we used to take for granted: direct eye contact, unified voices in song, and buying juicy peaches at the market with your friends. Whatever that means for you, I hope you will invite joy in your life.

Peace be with you all,

Samuel Grace

Pronouns: he/him/his

Music Director, First United Church