Hybrid Worship

Hello, First United!

I cannot help but to express how wonderful it was to get our hybrid Sunday morning worship service off the ground. Thank you to those who dared to gather in the sanctuary after being unable to do so for 15 months. Thank you to those who gathered via Zoom uncertain of what technical challenges adding an in-person element would bring. And, thank you to those who helped facilitate the service both on and off camera and before, during, and after the service.

This new way of worshiping is certainly still a work in process, and I’ve already consulted with a number of folks regarding shifts and changes for next week. I welcome your comments and suggestions as we continue to experiment with hybrid worship on our journey to becoming a hybrid church.

Remember, now that we have this “dry run” under our belts, beginning this Sunday, June 13th, our sanctuary is open to 75 in-person worshippers, including volunteers and staff (masking and distancing required). If you would like to attend worship in person, please contact Lisa in the church office (812-332-4439 or info@firstuc.org). You are still most welcome to gather live via Zoom or even sometime later in the day or week through our Vimeo channel. No matter how you choose to worship together, I am grateful you are here!

I will admit that I had a hard time sleeping on Saturday night in anticipation of worshiping with real, live, full-bodied people in the sanctuary this past Sunday. Though we are certainly not yet on the other side of this pandemic, I am overjoyed to have been able to worship with some of you in our sanctuary. Having experienced the search and call process and begun my ministry with you all entirely from a distance, it feels to me as though something new is beginning, as though we are entering into a time of engaging in ministry together in new and exciting ways. And, I cannot wait to see where we decided to go together as the Spirit continues to move, inspire, and guide us.

Blessings be to you all as we transition into this next phase of our life together!


Rev. Jessica Petersen-Mutai, Senior Minister

(pronouns: she, her, hers)

Cell: 812-727-4414

Email: revpetersenmutai@firstuc.org