Displaced Immigrant Support

As you were likely aware, the Afghan family that the church co-sponsors would have been directly affected by legislation being considered in Congress through last week, namely the “Afghan readjustment.” Unfortunately, Congress voted to leave this important adjustment out of a Ukraine-focused supplemental spending bill. The proposal would have granted Afghan evacuees permanent protections in the U.S. Because the act was not included, roughly 36,000 of these evacuees continue to be in legal limbo, including Ahad, Brishna, Heela, and Emraan.

Though this route did not produce the result hoped for, I ask that you help Ahad, Brishna, Heela, and Emraan move forward in building their lives here with a greater sense of security by contacting your congressional representatives today and telling them to support “Afghan readjustment” so that the Afghan evacuees can obtain permanent residency (“green cards”) in the U.S. Without this provision, they will have to file for asylum and maneuver our backlogged system that is averaging wait times stretching for more than four years. There is no going back for them, so they need to move from temporary status to permanent status. This simple step will help them with employment and moving on with their lives in the U.S.

The easiest way to show your support is to go on the internet and search for each of your congressional representatives (e.g., Google “Senator Todd Young contact”).  Then click on the link and fill out a contact form and write them directly explaining in your own words why you are urging them to support making the Afghan evacuees permanent and why this is important. Congress is no longer considering the Afghan adjustment measure as part of the Ukraine aid package, and there are few opportunities to attach this essential provision to a broader bill (advocates believe it would be difficult to move forward as a stand-alone bill), so time is of the essence.

Please contact Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young and Representative Trey Hollingsworth today.

David Meyer


Chair, Displaced Immigrant Support Program

First United Church

Bloomington, IN