Dear First United friends,

We are well on our way into the season of Advent having lit the second Advent candle yesterday morning and joined together for the tremendous service of Candlelight & Carols last evening. As we continue this season of expectation and anticipation of God’s inbreaking into the world, in particular, as we have witnessed and experienced that action through the birth and life of Jesus, I invite you to once again take a few moments to continue on our shared journey of dismantling racism within ourselves, our institutions, and our broader society. This month, I offer a video that challenges us to consider where and how the divine is made present through Jesus: There Is No White Jesus | Famalam – YouTube

After you have viewed the video and taken some time to process, I invite you to email me to share some of your takeaways. Does this depiction of Jesus resonate with you? Does it challenge the images that tend to come to your mind of this central figure of the Christian faith? What impact does it make on your faith and how you live that faith each day to view Jesus in this way? What thoughts, resistance, questions, curiosities arise for you? How are you being invited, challenged, inspired to act?

It continues to be my hope that through engaging in this virtual exploration together we may be further encouraged and empowered to join with partners in our community to dismantle white-skinned supremacy and racism in the church and US society and build up a just, equitable, beloved community where all are treated with dignity and respect and hope, peace, joy, and love abound.

Advent blessings!


Rev. Jessica Petersen-Mutai, Senior Minister


Mobile: 812-727-4414