August and September always feel much more like the new year than January 1. Does anyone else feel this way? I suppose it makes sense coming from someone in academia and ministry, but it’s all I’ve ever known!
Today is a big day of transition for me. My final year of coursework at IU is beginning and “dad camp” has closed for the season. Emmett is also transitioning to daycare, so we’re a bit of a mess watching him get older so quickly.
There’s also a lot to be excited about, even in our chaotic world. Classes and ensembles at IU are cautiously gearing up, and I am very excited to get ensembles rolling at First United this week! Choir meets Thursday night and bells meet Sunday after the rally day event. All are welcome, though proof of vaccination is mandatory. Please let me know if you would like to sing or ring!
So if your life feels like it’s in a state of transition, or even if it isn’t, may God’s peace be with you as you begin your week. Stay cool out there.

Samuel Grace

Pronouns: he/him/his

Music Director, First United Church