Dear First United family,

The Pastoral Relations Committee’s function is to support the minister, and if needed provide feedback. The committee’s purpose is to ensure the minister has appropriate self-care, and to facilitate the minister’s work. During our last meeting Reverend Jessica requested assistance in connecting with more congregants.

As you know, she began under the unusual circumstances of the pandemic when we were meeting via Zoom. Opportunities to meet and have a conversation with many of our members/attendees have been limited. The committee came up with the following plan to identify hosts who would be willing to invite 6-8 people from church to meet with Jessica for about 90 minutes in Rogers Williams Hall. The invitees may be from a group you are in like a book club, have shared interests, or be church friends; or you can offer an open invitation to get a diversity of folks together.

The host and Jessica will determine a mutually agreeable date and time. Light refreshments may be served if desired, but the goal is to make it as easy as possible for the host while offering a time for attendees to gather and get acquainted. Anyone who is interested may contact me (see below) or Jessica ( or 812-727-4414). Some of you may receive direct asks to get this started; however, all are welcome to host. Our goal is for Jessica to become acquainted with as many church attendees as possible and vice versa. You do not need to be a member to host or attend. As you know, having a sense of community is important for a congregation and this is one way to build community.

In summary:

What: Meet the Minister groups

Who: Host who then invites 6-8 friends/acquaintances

Where: Roger Williams Hall or other location

When: Mutually agreed upon time by Jessica and the host; starting now!

Why: To help Jessica meet more congregants and vice versa

If you haven’t been able to be involved with church life much this is a great one-time opportunity to start. Thank you for your willingness to be a host!


Laurie Eynon

Pastoral Relations Committee, Incoming Chair