I write this as Donovan, Jim, and I return from a lovely weekend at Mount Cheaha State Park, the highest point in Alabama. This sweet little mountaintop was only around 2,300 feet, but it had gorgeous views of the state in which I was raised (Roll Tide, btw) and was the venue for my sister’s wedding.

Along with about 70 friends and kin, we celebrated her marriage to a wonderful woman still new to me. She makes my sister happy; I love her already.

It’s a funny twist for our family, since I had only women partners since college and my sister had only dated men. My true life partner ended up being a man—the wonderful man who runs the camera for worship! While I was not able to legally marry my son’s other mother years ago, I had protested at the statehouse for marriage equality- a right my sister was able to exercise this weekend.

You never know what seeds you sow will reap beautiful spring flowers years later!

Rebecca Keith


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