Based on the latest Monroe County data and weighing the impact in our local community, all church activities, including worship, will be offered online only. We hope to return to in-person activities on Sunday, February 6

My family took a trip to Muskegon, MI this week for a summer vacation with our neighbors, new babies, and dogs. As Minnesotans, Megan and I are drawn to lakes and water. Lake Michigan is powerful and beautiful to admire.

On beach day, we brought Emmett to experience the (surprisingly) temperate water on the great lake. Given my long relationship with water and swimming, I have romanticized ideas of he and I loving the water together. As we set his feet down at the shore, the waves gently grazed his feet, and to our surprise, he screamed. A lot.

The experience broke my heart for a moment, but it served as a great reminder. We are all unique and can choose to meet (or not meet) the many expectations we present each other. 

When Emmett calmed down, he placed his feet in the wet sand. He cracked a smile, but only for a moment.

Have a great week!