I despise the word “perfect.” That word carries too much baggage and too many inferences of an unattainable goal. I’ve traded “practice makes perfect” to “practice makes progress” and it’s worked pretty well. However, if any weekend could be perfect, it was this one.

The weather in Bloomington was fantastic, both IU and Alabama won their football games, and our wonderful church family had its first refreshment time after church in a long time.  We had a nice little outdoor gathering with children playing, friends chatting about school and home, and safely presented single-serving snacks provided by Hopi Stosberg and the MERC team.  In addition, Derek Roe and Ted Wininger brought CLT back and new Zoom Hosts Mary Peckham and Herbert Sizek did an outstanding job learning our new computer and webinar system for our virtual worshippers.  Welcome Sunday was a marvelous success!

We keep getting a little better at this post-COVID worship experience and I’m so honored to be in the company of amazing staff and volunteers who make it happen. We’re not perfect, but we are certainly closer to fine.

Rebecca Keith


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