What a great weekend!

I had many wonderful activities in my work and home life this past week, but when I hit Saturday and saw the church activities on my calendar,  I was a little tired.  But I’m glad to say that I pressed on, warmed up Jim’s delicious veggie chili, threw together some cornbread, and headed to Kettle Fest. And I was not disappointed!

We had a great group of First United folks at Kettle Fest to help cook, set up, clean up, and greet. I can’t mention everyone, but the star of the show was certainly Sam Troxal and his delicious (and plentiful!) burgoo. I’m also happy to say we had plenty of side dishes, salads, and desserts.

Sunday morning was also a fun time. Although I missed the choir’s Sanctus Dei (Holy God) at the offertory, I was fortunate enough to assist in Children’s Learning Time and get to know our Honduran young people and our regular attendees, too.

Sundays refresh me. I hope you see you next Sunday!

Rebecca Keith, President

email: rekeith@iu.edu