Happy July, Church Family!

I’ve missed you the past two Sundays.  This year for our summer vacation, Jim and Donovan and I traveled way down South to visit my dad, step mom, sister, niece, and sister-in law in Birmingham on the way to and back from our ultimate destination, Panama City Beach, Florida. I was grateful for the time away to do nothing and time to see part of my family, too. I came back to the Midwest with a healthy glow (I used lots of sunscreen), 800 emails, a thicker Southern accent, and church on my heart and mind.  With that, I’m not only looking forward to seeing you at worship soon, but I ask you to put August 13 on your calendar as a dinner potluck for the whole congregation

The schedule for Saturday, August 13 will start with a Leadership Retreat at noon.  All Council members and members of the Boards are invited to this retreat as we learn, grow, and look at our future together.  The elected leaders will conclude at 4 and prep for a potluck.  Congregation at large – this is where you come in!  Bring dishes to share between 4:30-5 pm and we will sup together at 5 o’clock. 

Mark your calendars,  and when you see me, hug my neck, y’all.

Rebecca Keith, President

812-325-0145 or rekeith@iu.edu