Dear Congregation:

Yesterday, we had an interesting Annual Meeting. I regret that we were not able to conduct our business, but I think it’s important to ensure the quorum. We only had 49 persons and required 50 to have a meeting.

While I am frustrated with the lack of attendance, I am not discouraged. We are all doing multiple things, balancing family, work, and other volunteer experiences. We will not expect of you more than you can give (talent and treasure, in addition to time).  I appreciate each of you 49 members (and many attenders-members soon) that showed up!  Thank you!

That being said, we need you at the Annual Meeting so we may conduct business and update our bylaws and constitution. We will have hybrid attendance possible, as usual. Please watch for the rescheduling of that meeting so we may continue to run our church, streamline our processes noted in our governing documents, and fulfill our ultimate mission to live out the good news of God’s love, revealed in Jesus Christ.


Rebecca Keith, President