This is my final semester of coursework at IU, and needless to say, my life has felt bonkers. I’m taking my major field written exam on Friday (8 hours…pray for me), and today I’m starting rehearsals for my recital with University Chorale (you should come! April 21 @8:00pm).
I get asked to do a lot of projects throughout the academic year, and with everything going on in my life, I decided to enact some strict boundaries so that I can also make time with my family. I’ve had to say no to a lot of things I normally would have wanted to do. It’s either balance or burnout, and I choose balance (after all, that was the word on my 2022 star I picked up at the beginning of the year at church).
An ensemble member recently took a step back to focus on some other things in their life, and while I will miss that interaction, I fully celebrate that they made a choice that is best for them. We must, as Rev. Jessica has preached before, to take care of ourselves as we do others. May you all find opportunities to serve both yourself and others in the coming weeks. 
Sam Grace

Music Director