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Congregant Monday Musing

To my First United Church family,

First off, I want to thank you all for your continued love and support that you all have shown to me since I first started attending church with you all.

You all have been there for me through thick and thin of my transition journey. From the time of losing my family’s love and support to my being homeless for about 9 months through me finding not only a place to call home to me finding a job to almost being done with my transition.

Thank you for making me feel that I am more than enough and that I matter. I appreciate all that I have become and still becoming because of your inclusive love through our God and especially our Jesus. Your love touches me so very much through the depths that you can’t even begin to imagine. I implore you all to keep that love going not only for me but those on the margins of society. We need to bring everyone to the forefront of love for everyone and defeat those that are trying to take away rights not only from our state of Indiana and every state and on the federal level.

I know that like yeast we can all rise to this occasion from all of the assault on trans rights, LGBTQ+ rights but also women having the ability to make decisions on all of our bodies. Thank you for making me feel a part of all women. I especially enjoy singing with the choir as an Alto. I can’t help but get all emotional in a good way and you are all a part of that. You make my transition to be successful because you show God and Jesus inclusive love and I love you all so very much.


Ms. Sara Ashley Cole
She, Her, Hers