On Sunday, October 1, we will celebrate World Communion Sunday by including a variety of traditional breads from cultures all around the world on the patens (bread plates) for our Communion service.? To add to the international flavor of the day, we invite you to wear traditional clothing from other cultures (e.g., saris, Lederhosen, kilts, kimonos, Mayan huipiles) in honor and celebration of the diversity of the human experience around the globe.?

USHERING IN OCTOBER.? The fall crisp air is just the time to help out the church service by serving as an usher. ?Dave Meyer is recruiting candidates to help out a Sunday or two in October for this important Sunday task. ?If you think that you might be interested just email Dave at

AN INVITATION TO FUN & FRIENDSHIP.?Coming for fall, Creative Companions and Conversations is a time and place to drop in and work on your favorite project in community, to share your skills, to laugh, to chat and to reconnect with your creative spirit.

Hunt through those drawers and closets or pack up what?s next to your favorite chair! Bring your creative project (knitting, crocheting, painting, quilting, origami, woodcarving, beading, basket weaving, coloring, needlework, collage, doll-making, scrapbooking, ? ) to begin again or to start anew.

Or just come! – empty-handed and open-hearted. Kibbitz or learn from the other folks there. Or explore something new each time as well (drawing mandalas, Zentangle?, book-making? ) – direction and supplies provided.

The first gathering of Creative Companions and Conversations will be Saturday, October 14, 9:00a.m. to noon and Sunday, October 15, noon to 3:30p.m. Come for one day or both for as much time as you can. Bring a bag lunch if you like. There will be salad and fruit provided as well.

Bring a friend! If you need a ride to attend this event or could provide a ride contact Dawna Petersen at

Future dates are November 4 & 5 and December 2 & 3. Mark your calendars now!



Play Friday: Play Friday is an all ages monthly game and activity night on the 2nd Friday of each month. The next event is October 13th. Join us for some spooky Friday the 13th fun! We will have the usual pizza dinner and games along with (optional) spooky fun. It helps with food planning if you RSVP to Hopi Stosberg at See you there!

Just Friday: Just Friday is a monthly adult discussion group focused on various issues of justice. As the year closes we will focus discussion on issues of Abundance and Scarcity. Some people have far more than they need while others struggle, and are at times unable, to meet their basic needs. Join us as we discuss big questions of what is enough, what kind of responsibilities do we have to the world when privileged with abundance, different ways to give to the world, and how to balance abundance with scarcity. How can abundance and scarcity live side by side? There will be light refreshments, no childcare provided. Discussions will occur at First United Church in Roger Williams Hall from 7-9 p.m. on the following Friday evenings:

October 27-Food: Americans lead the world in food waste, yet there are people starving. When faced with packed grocery shelves it is all too easy to overbuy. Explore the abundance and scarcity of food as a balancing act.

December 1-Giving & Materialism: Just in time for the holiday season we reflect on the value of giving toward the world instead of toward ourselves, but sometimes what we want to give is not what is most needed.

?DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY.? First United Church will be offering a DISCIPLE Bible study class beginning this fall. DISCIPLE is a program of disciplined Bible study aimed at developing strong Christian leaders.? The titles of the sessions along with theme words and theme verses, and major persons, events, and topics will set the sequence of the biblical story in the minds of the participants. The principal Scripture for each session follows the chronological movement of the biblical story. Additional info may be found at For more information, contact class facilitator Sam Troxal or 812-361-6172.?

MINISTER OF CARE FOR THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 01, JEAN PETERS.? A minister of care is a church volunteer who visits members in their home.