KITCHEN CLEANING MORNING WORK, June 4, 8:30-10:30 a.m. ?Come for all or part of this time to help clean surfaces, tidy, and repair. ?Some plaster repair work is needed near the cabinet beneath the pass-through to Fellowship Hall. ?If that tempts you to do, please speak up. ?Refreshments will be available. ?Newcomers, this is a great short-term commitment and way to get involved. ?Youth, I know you are on summer vacation then, and I’d love to work with you. ?Hope to see folks there! ?Questions: ?, 812-361-6074

COMMUNION DATE CHANGE. We will have communion on Sunday, May 29. ?Jennifer Lane will be ordained on Sunday, June 5. We would like to dedicate our attention to Jennifer at that time.?

SACRED CONVERSATION ON RACE. Please join us on Thursday, May 19 at 6:30 p.m. for our next discussion of racism and our responses to it.? The topic of conversation will be Cultural Racism in America.? We hope you will lend your voice to this discussion.? For more information, please see Derek Roe or Jo McClamroch.?

SING WITH A CHOIR SUMMER SEASON!? Join the choir during the relaxing summer months.? Rehearsals start Thursday, June 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the Choir Room.? No prerequisites, come all who love music!?

LEGACY COMMUNION VESSELS.? Help us decide what to do with them.

After several years of research, deliberation, and hard work, the Board of Christian Worship chose the beautiful hand-thrown pottery vessels for our Communion liturgies.? Congregants will note that we use four different sets, each uniquely designed color appropriate for the liturgical season in which Communion falls.? For several reasons, the original Communion vessels ? the large bread ?boat? and the tall wine ewer ? have been permanently retired from service.? Now, it is up to us to decide what to do with the retired vessels.

One possibility would be to get rid of the legacy vessels altogether (discard, recycle, or donate), but at the present time, this possibility is not popular among First United Congregants.? So, unless we hear otherwise, we will likely keep the vessels, as they hearken to mid-century America when our building was designed and constructed.? The question will be what to do with them.

The Board of Christian Worship has already heard from a few people, but we would like much input, particularly if this is an important issue for you.? Some choices to consider:? should the vessels be kept at all?? Should they be displayed in the sanctuary or outside the sanctuary? If outside the sanctuary, where?? Should they be in a glass case under lock and key or should they be in open air?? Should they be on permanent display or perhaps brought out only on Communion Sundays?

Please offer your thoughts and ideas to the Board via email: We also like to hear from you in person, though we prefer email because we are keeping a record of what people say.? When offering your thoughts and ideas, please be sure to speak only for yourself.? Suggestions that begin, ?A lot of people are saying?? are not helpful because we don?t know who ?a lot of people? are or what exactly those ?lot of people? are saying.

Thanks so much for your input. Eric Metzler, Chair , Board of Christian Worship?

SOLAR PANELS . We will decide among the four contractors who have bid on our church’s job. ?Many thanks to all of you who have given already, some of you twice. ?The Solar Panel Committee?

GROUND KEEPING. Have you ever wished you had a large home with great grounds to putter in? ?You do. First United Church with its 5+ acre lot is yours and mine. ?Join me, Laura Kao of the Board of Building and Grounds, on Thursday mornings at 8:30 this growing season for an hour of yard work. ?There is always weeding, trimming, and tidying to do, and I’ll be here every Thursday morning that I am in town. ?If you let me know you’re interested by e-mail, I’ll know to keep you in the loop. ? ?Thanks!?

SIGN UP FOR FLOWERS.? The flower sign-up book is on a table by the kitchen, just waiting for you to choose a date. You will be sent a reminder letter in time to get your dedication in the bulletin.

April through October flowers for the sanctuary will be sourced from a local grower, the cost is $40. ? If you prefer to provide your own flowers or wish to have them provided by Marsh (the cost will remain $35.00 per bouquet)?or another source, let the church office or Pat Martin know a week in advance.??

COFFEE HOUR HOSTS NEEDED.? We are in need of coffee hour hosts. All the supplies are provided, grab a friend, or someone new to partner with you. It is a great way to provide a service to the church and encourage a sense of community. Won?t you sign up?

MINISTER OF CARE FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 15 IS NORM OVERLY.? A minister of care is a church volunteer who visits members in their homes.