Congregational Meeting May 5 To Vote On The Slate Of Church Officers.  

The meeting will follow the morning worship service.  The Nominating Committee consists of Laura Kao, chair; Catherine Gray, congregational rep; Board reps Sam Troxal for Outreach; Jim True for Worship;  Jennifer Fultz for Christian Education; Moureen Coulter for Building and Grounds.  

Implicit Bias Training.  

Everyone has bias, and it often serves as important mental short cuts to help us efficiently function.  It’s when our bias, in particular our implicit bias, involves power differentials that it can and does become so problematic.

Through the support of BTCC, Building a Thriving Compassionate Community, and the Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County, First United Church is offering an Implicit Bias Primer, where you’ll have the opportunity to understand and address both your own and our church’s implicit bias.

Our introductory-level training on implicit bias is focused on the organizational level because environments inform and reinforce our behaviors – and because we have the power and responsibility to make changes.  This 3-hour introductory session will define implicit bias, explore how it operates within individuals and organizations, and identify tools to mitigate it. The training will be held in Roger Williams Hall on Saturday, May 11, from 9:00 a.m. – noon. Refreshments will be provided, to include breakfast items and coffee/tea.  Please RSVP to Catherine Gray at 

The Music in Bloom Festival.

Join members of the First UC congregation and the Bloomington community for an interactive musical event taking play May 16-18 in the First UC Sanctuary! The Music in Bloom Festival is a live performance event dedicated to music by living classical composers. The festival will feature three evening concerts at 7:00pm, each of which will be preceded by a pre-concert talk with the artists. Each of the nine Music in Bloom artists is a new music specialist that brings passion, energy, and expertise into their interpretations of contemporary music. The events are ticketed ($15 General, $10 Student), but a portion of the ticket proceeds will be returned as an offering to the First United Church. Please join former First UC substitute pianist Clare Longendyke and the Music in Bloom team for this exciting musical event!

Upcoming Play Friday Events.

Play Friday May: Appreciate a teacher at Play Friday this Friday, May 10 from 5:30-8! Make a card or small craft and tell your teacher how much you appreciate all they do. The usual pizza dinner and games will also be ready to enjoy. It helps with food planning if you RSVP to Hopi Stosberg at or to the Facebook event page:

Play Friday June: Welcome summer at Play Friday on June 14 from 5:30-8! Hopefully the weather will be amazing for playing outside (maybe a water balloon fight!) and having a lot of fun appreciating school being out! Of course, the usual pizza dinner and games will be ready for your enjoyment.  It helps with food planning if you RSVP to Hopi Stosberg at or to the Facebook event page:
            Play Friday
is a recurring game night at First United Church. Dinner is served at 6. We offer vegetarian and vegan options. Come spend a relaxed evening playing your favorite games, hanging out with friends, and creating. This is an evening of fun for all ages. We hope to see you there


Visitors will find paper name tags in the pew registry which they are invited to use.  If you would like a more permanent name tag which attaches by magnet, please make a note in the pew registry or see Florence Shelton or one of the ushers.  Long-term First United Church people, if you have a name tag, please wear it.  They’re so helpful, in learning who is who.  Your Committee on Community Development thanks you!

Pot Luck Sundays.                 

Third Sunday Potlucks are almost always on third Sundays in 2019.  Plan to bring a dish to share and to stay after worship service.  We’ll eat in Fellowship Hall shortly after the service ends.  

Bringing Joy To Jail Inmates. 

    Did you know that a small but dedicated group of First United folks brings a little joy into the local jail by performing Jail BINGO twice a month?  We are looking for folks that can commit to two hours for one Tuesday per month to let their inner game show host shine.  Will you help?  It is very easy but it can be a little intimidating     at first. 

    After getting over that bump you will quickly see the joy in the faces of the inmates as you bring them treats, needed hygiene items, snacks and some fun.  Please talk to or email Dave Meyer (, the organizer.

Centering Prayer.

Why not make some time for yourself in the New Year? Join us for A Time of Centering (Sunday mornings from 9:45 – 10:15 in the chapel.) Learn and practice techniques to be present and seek the presence of God in a nurturing space with compassionate people. Always running late? Can’t come every Sunday? Join us anyway.

Free Korean Yoga (Kuksundo) Class. KukSunDo is a traditional Korean yoga and meditation for the mind, body, and spirit. Just bring your yoga mat.

Days, Time and Place:

Monday, Friday 9:30 – 11:00a.m., Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00p.m., Saturday 10:00 – 11:30a.m., Roger Williams Hall in First United Church Questions? Contact YouShin Choi,

Minister Of Care For The Week Of May 05, Is Norm Overly.  A minister of care is a church volunteer who visits members in their home.