CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PASTOR JOHN KRUEGER  h: 317-467-1529/ c: 317-498-0710


For the safety of all, and on the recommendation of our Covid-19 Task Force, First United Church activities will remain out of our building at least through the month of August.

POSTING WORSHIP ON FACEBOOK In response to requests, we are posting our virtual worship service on our Facebook page. If you do not wish your name or faces to appear in the posted service, please turn off your video and/or change your screen name.

July Virtual Choir Hymns!

Are you interested in adding your voice to our virtual hymns in July? All you need is a smartphone or electronic recording device, a pair of headphones, and your voice! Please contact Sam Grace if you are interested at The virtual hymns with the choir in July are:

July 5 – This Is My Song

July 12 – Spirit of Gentleness

July 19 – How Firm a Foundation

July 26 – For the Beauty of the Earth

CONFRONTING RACISM—Experts Discuss Race in America

Perhaps no issue is as pervasive and complex in America as systemic racism. Its reach is long, its effects destructive, shaping our history and our identities, and continuing to influence virtually every aspect of our culture and politics.

At the same time, a centuries-long struggle against systemic racism has left its own indelible marks on America’s past and present. A deep commitment to racial justice, shared by many citizens, has sparked protests and uprisings that continue to renew our democratic principles and move us forward, however haltingly, toward a more perfect union.

Inspired by stunning instances of continued injustice and the widespread protests of 2020, Confronting Racism is a series of conversations with faculty experts from IU and other universities designed to examine systemic racism in its varied forms and to explore the modes and methods of protest used to confront this central issue in American life.

Brought to you by IU’s Center for Research on Race, Ethnicity and Society, College Arts and Humanities Institute, and Arts and Humanities Council, the series will address current events as well as our country’s longer and much more expansive struggle against injustice. In this, the series represents and renews our campus’s commitment to research, dialogue, and collaborations that engage critically with the most urgent and important issues facing our nation.

Streaming live, Tuesdays at 8:00pm, for the next six weeks, on the IU Arts and Humanities Council’s Facebook page.

2019-2020 Annual Report
Without our usual Annual Meeting as a deadline, and with all the Covid-complications of communication and calendar disruptions, the 2019-2020 Annual Report is a bit late.  Annual Reports have been sent to the roster of members who routinely receive documents by USPS, and can be sent to others as well by request to Lisa.  Limited printed copies are available at church, and more will be available when we are back in the building.  Thanks to all for the significant work on behalf of our congregation represented in these reports. 

The 2019-2020 Annual Report is available here

 Racial Justice Book Club

The Board of Christian Education is gauging interest in the formation of a racial justice book club.  The club would meet at least once a month to discuss books such as “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo, “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, and “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo.  If interested, please contact Don Wooldridge at  

Ongoing Virtual Church Events

Our work as a caring community continues on Zoom through Sunday worship and lectionary study, and Tuesday’s Virtual Café and Adult Study class. 

For more details on these opportunities please visit

We are also working to develop new ways to reach out in this stressful time of isolation. If you have suggestions or needs (your own or others’) please reach out to Pastor John, Derek or Shelli, or Mary Peckham.

We depend on your sustained giving in this difficult time. If you can, please maintain, or consider increasing your regular giving, to support our work. Options for giving include:

  • mail (checks strongly preferred)
  • online giving at
  • by phone at 1-800-675-7430 [account ID is ES799783 (First United Church, Inc.)].
  • by text: 812-432-2002


Join Us for Worship this Sunday!!   

“Our worship will begin at 10:30am. You may begin logging into Zoom at 10am.”

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 946 3570 8633

Password: 879535

OFF TOPIC SCRIPTURE CIRCLE (formerly known as Lectionary Discussion)

Want to read and discuss the week’s scripture readings with friends before church?  In a casual setting where you will never be asked to leave your brain or your heart at the door?  Do we have the place for you!  Click below to join us, Sunday mornings from 9-10am.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 0240 3978
Password: 122688


Join Shelli Yoder Tuesday mornings from 10-10:30am to meet up virtually for a cup of coffee (BYO), a check-in, and a brief meditation/reflection and prayer. Join us if you can!

Immediately following our virtual café, a theological discussion led by Derek Roe will begin at 10:30am and end at 11:30am.

“We will be discussing   Would You Ever Give Up Your Whiteness by Zaron Burnett III

Please read this article before our coffee chat. We will use it to jump start our conversation.”

  1. From your laptop or desktop computer, OR
  2. From your landline telephone or cell phone: (253) 215 8782 then enter the meeting ID:  309 686 166# Password: 399499
  3. Find your local number:


Your generous support of Council and Outreach’s request for donations to our special fund supplementing the Love Fund to assist members and friends needing help in this time of layoffs and closings was overwhelming. If you or someone you know in our church community needs help, contact church leadership for more information. 


All church activities will be out of the building at least through August. Our COVID-19 Task Force is advising Council as we move ahead into a challenging new period of finding best practices for opening our congregation. Remember that much of our success depends on us; we can and must make responsible choices to protect ourselves, our families and our community: maintaining 6 feet of social distance; washing hands often; wearing a face mask in public; staying home when sick; getting tested immediately if symptoms appear. 

Need a fabric face mask? Let Rebecca Nunley know:

MEANWHILE GRASS AND WEEDS CONTINUE TO GROW whether church is open or not. If you have time and energy to work at socially distanced mowing, weeding, or general upkeep on our grounds, Laura Kao is graciously available to provide guidance. Laura has also posted a to-do list of discrete tasks on the shed door for all comers. Contact or 812-361-6074