Pulpit Committee Update
First United is deeply blessed by the number of highly committed, caring, and thoughtful individuals willing to serve directly in the process of search and call for our next settled Senior Minister.Council sought to represent a wide range of characteristics and constituencies in composing a slate from the consenting nominees.  These include age, gender, denominational affiliation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender Identity, occupation (town/gown), and length of time in the church community. We also considered expressed commitment and expressed scheduling concerns for this important and demanding process.

Byron Bangert                                                            Jennifer Duann Fultz Norm Overly                                                               Pam Potter

The Church Council unanimously approved this list of members who have agreed to serve. A Congregational vote by written ballot will be held after worship on December 8th to approve the slate.


Laurie Eynon              Rebecca Nunley       Sara Ivey Lucas

Ralph Gaebler          Bob Ivie                         Sandra Hendricks          

Ted Wininger             Heather Farmer           Don Wooldridge

The Council is grateful for our many congregational gifts and we pray for God’s love, strength, and guidance as we continue following The Way of Jesus.

The 9th Spirituality Forum Theme: Finding Spirituality in the Silence: Quaker Faith and Practice and Zen Buddhism. Speaker: Charlotte Hess is a painter and part-time consultant. She is retired from Syracuse University.

(Quaker and Buddhist, Immediate past Clerk of Bloomington Friends Meeting)

Date: December 4th, Time: 7:00-8:30 P.M.   Place: Roger Williams Hall

Any question or if you want to invite any speaker Please contact Youshin Choi (youschoi@gmail.com)

Blue Christmas Service at First United Methodist Church (219 East Fourth St.), December 3, 6:30pm. The service includes special music, scripture, silence, healing prayer and candle lighting and provides a space to acknowledge sadness and concern for those who struggle and mourn during Christmas.

Applause!  Applause!  Applause!  The Harvest InGathering, delivered to Monroe County United Ministries’ (MCUM) food pantry on 11/25, really hit the mark!  A total of 752 lbs of food and personal hygiene items were delivered to support people facing a crisis situation. MCUM staff members told us that their food pantry supplies were running low, and the big influx of food right before Thanksgiving was GREATLY appreciated. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!   

NOTE: People face crises year-round, and MCUM’s food pantry is a support to allow people and families up to 3 months of food while they get their feet back under them. First United supports this important non-profit by collecting and delivering non-perishable food and personal hygiene items to MCUM on the first Sunday of each month.  ADD an on-going item to your shopping list.  PUT a reminder on your calendar. SET UP a notification to remind you.  BRING somthing each month to help our neighbors in need.   -The Board of Outreach

Reverse Advent!

This Advent First United invites you to support our neighbors in need by reversing the usual tradition and donating a cleaning or hygiene item for each day of Advent.  All donated items will be given to the MCUM Self-Sufficiency Center, which serves at-risk families and individuals in Monroe County.  Please see Derek Roe with questions.)  Thank you for your generosity!  We intend to deliver the supplies after Dec. 22nd.  MCUM’s cleaning and hygiene needs at this time are:   
Shampoo/ Deodorant       Toothpaste           Household cleaning liquids          Conditioner 
Bar soap or bodywash      Toothbrushes       Household cleaning supplies        Diapers (all sizes)         

Lots of veg events here on Saturday, December 7th.

The Game Changers film has been generating a lot of buzz on the benefits of plant-based diets. Several related events are happening in Fellowship Hall on December 7th.

At 12:30 “Eat Plant-Based for Life” is hosting a whole-foods, plant-based lunch potluck. Please bring a vegan dish made with unprocessed foods and no added oil. After the meal at 1:30, Mark Stosberg will give a presentation on “Food, Climate Change and Spirituality”. 

From 6 to 8 pm, BloomingVeg is hosting a vegan dinner potluck and cookie swap. Bring a vegan dish or dessert for the evening potluck. The optional cookie swap starts at 7:30. To swap cookies, bring two dozen vegan holiday treats plus a container big enough to carry them. You’ll leave with a mix of cookies everyone else brings! 

For either potluck it’s helpful if you bring you own tableware and beverage cup. Contact Mark Stosberg with questions about any of these events: mark@stosberg.com (765) 277-1916.

December Communion Services. 

This year First United will have two communion services in December.  On December 1st during the Worship Service, and as part of the Christmas Eve service on December 24th.  Everyone is welcomed.

Poll Workers needed for 2020 election year

Poll workers are needed for the following paid positions:  inspectors, judges, sheriffs and clerks.  

To work the election you must be a registered voter in Monroe County and must be at least 18 years old (or 16/17 if participating in Election Day Live). You must be able to help set-up your appointed poll site on Monday night or late afternoon, May 4th and work on Tuesday, May 5thstarting at 5 a.m. until finished.  Also you must agree to come to a paid training session on being a poll worker.  If interested, please contact Voter Registration at 812-349-2690 for more information or to sign up.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Minister Of Care For The Week Of December 01, Is Norm Overly.  A minister of care is a church volunteer who visits members in their home.