Monday Musings, April 25, 2022

Formal music ensembles at First United are wrapping up this week. Can you believe another program year has passed? Summer is around the corner! If you are interested in providing special music of any kind this summer, please write to me! Providing “special music” doesn’t come with any prerequisites; you don’t need to be a professional. You don’t need to be an adult. You just need an interest in bringing music (or poetry! or art! or [insert idea]) as a part of your offering to First United.
For those of you in church yesterday, thank you for joining the choir for our special music. You sounded beautiful, and it was so wonderful to fill the space with love. As I pondered Rev. Hannah’s sermon yesterday, I thought a lot about the word trust and belief, the need for faith and skepticism, and how that intersects with love. I appreciated the challenging, paradoxical message we received yesterday. I wonder if you did, too?
Side note: I was so touched by this congregation’s support for my recital with University Chorale and Conductors Orchestra last Thursday. Whether you offered well wishes or attended in person, I felt so supported by this community as I completed an important milestone for my degree at IU.
Have a great week!

Sam Grace Music Director