Our Labyrinth

First United’s Walk in Peace Labyrinth is open to the public.  A gift from our pARTners program, this sacred space was created with donated materials and the work of many volunteer hands. A dedication ceremony was held in May 2006.

The labyrinth is located at the back of our property behind the fenced playground and is best accessed from the rear parking lot. There are benches and shade trees; bring a journal and perhaps a cup of coffee. Sunrise, sunset, and twilight are delightful times to walk.

About Labyrinths

A labyrinth is a spiritual tool found in many cultures and religious traditions around the world. Within the Christian tradition, labyrinths were most frequently located in cathedrals and date from as early as the 4th century C.E. While they may have provided symbolic pilgrimages, their historical use in worship or devotional practice is not clear. Today, labyrinths are used by people of many faith traditions (and no particular faith tradition) to facilitate walking meditation and contemplative prayer.

Walking the Labyrinth

Our labyrinth is an ancient unicursal (having one path without dead-ends) design in the Chartres pattern, a 12-course labyrinth made up of twelve circles enlarged into a walking path for prayer and meditation. Its single winding path requires no choices or navigational decisions. Walkers simply follow the path to the center, emptying their minds and hearts of worries and concerns as they proceed, stop for a time in the center, and then retrace their path to the entrance/exit. Its simple path invites walkers to reflect and discover.