Church Library

The church library is open before and after Sunday services, and during office hours during the week. Our book collection is carefully curated by our librarians and ministers and includes books for adults and children–fiction and nonfiction–about nearly every facet of Christian life. Several different translations and versions of the Christian Scriptures, and holy texts from other faith traditions, are also available.

You can now also electronically browse many of the titles from the library’s collection here:

The library is located located midway down our classroom hallway, just before the sanctuary entrance. Check out our librarians’ featured selections on the hallway display table.

To check out a book, find the card on the book’s back flap, fill out your name and address, and drop the card in the box on the table in the library. Books may be kept for two weeks. Anyone can check out a book; we simply ask that books be returned promptly so everyone can benefit from our collection!